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Juliette Vazard




Mémoire de master : Compulsion in Philosophy and Psychopathology

King’s College London

An analysis of the different reasons for action involved in compulsions, as they appear in OCD, addiction, and impulse control disorders.


Projet de thèse : Negative emotions, Epistemic reasoning, and Psychopathology

Affiliation :
Institut Jean Nicod, ENS, EHESS / Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, UNIGE

Direction :
Jérôme Dokic & Fabrice Teroni (Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, UNIGE)

My work is focused around understanding specific negative emotions, and the way they impact (dysfunctional) epistemic reasoning and decision-making in psychopathology. 

I am interested in reflexive emotions, epistemic emotions, and metacognitive feelings, and in the role they play in mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

I am currently working on defining anxiety as an affective reaction underlying potential threat, doubt, inquiry, and epistemic behaviors. I am interested in the relationship between anxiety and epistemic closure, with regards to compulsive behaviors like checking. 

I am also interested in reflexive emotions and particularly guilt, in relation with agency, responsibility, and the experience of control.