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Master’s thesis: Compulsion in Philosophy and Psychopathology

King’s College London

An analysis of the different reasons for action involved in compulsions, as they appear in OCD, addiction, and impulse control disorders.


PhD thesis project:  Negative emotions, narrative practice and mental health

Institut Jean-Nicod, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences

I am interested in analyzing negative emotions, in particular guilt, in relation with the emergence and perseverance of psychopathologies such as OCD, eating-disorders, and depression. I will study the nature of other mental representations and beliefs in which guilt is grounded when it is involved in a mental disorder.

I am also interested in the effects of guilt on memory and (autobiographical) narrative capacities, as well as in the potential of narrative practice to uncover erroneous beliefs and representations. I will thus question in which sense narrative can allow the subject to gain more autonomy, by basing his/her actions on actual knowledge.