Institut Jean Nicod





The Perception, Memory, Representations team at Jean Nicod Institute, directed by Jerome Dokic, is built at the interface between conceptual and empirical research on perception, memory, and the study of cognitive artefacts.

It addresses three basic classes of questions:

- The nature of perception, the characterization of the vehicle and of perceptual content (perceptual objects, in particular sounds, absences, shadows), the demarcation of sensory modalities and their interactions, recovery of action index in the scene, the architecture of the perceptual system.

- Perspectival aspects of perception, imagination and memory.

- Perceptual and mnestic feelings –including presence, familiarity, certainty, disorientation– and their relationship with the (sensory or representational) content of perceptual and mnestic experience.

- The perception of / by cognitive artifacts (images, sensory substitution systems), the mobilization of resources in perceptual and memory processes involving high-level artifacts (lists, diagrams, maps, perceptual recruitment).



Permanents members
Roberto Casati (DR CNRS)
Jérôme Dokic (DE EHESS) Team leader
Frédérique de Vignemont (DR CNRS)
Valeria Giardino (CR CNRS)

Mobility researchers
Alexandre Billon (Université de Lille) (2019-2020)

Margherita Arcangeli (EHESS)

Associate members
Elena Pasquinelli (Académie des sciences, Main à la Pâte)
Jérémie Lafraire (CR, Institut Paul Bocuse)

PhD students
Gautier Anselin (dir. J. Dokic)
Céline Boisserie-Lacroix (dir. J. Dokic)
Géraldine Carranante (dir. F. de Vignemont)
Martin Fortier (dir. J. Dokic)
Pablo Fernandez Velasco (dir. R. Casati)
Alice Latimier (financement E-Fran, co-tutelle F. Ramus LSCP, R. Casati)
Agostino Pinna-Pintor (dir. R. Casati)
Victor Pitron (dir. F. de Vignemont)
Juliette Vazard (dir J. Dokic)
Samaneh Yasaei (ED540, dir. R. Casati)

Master students



SublimAE: The sublime and Aesthetic experiences, ANR PRC, Jérôme Dokic, 2018-2021.

DEV TOOLS : Developmental trajectories of sensorimotor control of mechanical tools, ANR A. Farné / F. de Vignemont, R. Casati, J. Dokic, 2016-2019.

DIAL (PSL). R. Casati, G. Puccetti (NYU), S. Bianchini (ENSAD)

ANR EEC Education à l’Esprit critique (dir. N. Gauvrit EPHE), R. Casati, E. Pasquinelli (2019-2022)

Disorientation Remediation (PSL NYU) R. Casati, 2018

(PSL Columbia) Map Semantics R. Casati 2018-2019.

Recent Publications

Arcangeli, M., Dokic, J. & Sperduti, M. (2018). "The beautiful, the sublime and the self", in F. Cova & S. Réhault, eds., Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Aesthetics175-196, Bloomsbury.

Arcangeli, M. (2018). Supposition and the Imaginative Realm. A Philosophical Inquiry, Routledge.

Casati, R. (2016) “Two, then Four Modes of functioning of the mind: towards an unification of ’dual’ theories of reasoning and theories of cognitive artifacts.” To appear in J. Zacks, H. Taylor, eds., Festschrift for Barbara Tversky.

Casati, R. and Cavanagh P. (2019) The Visual World of Shadows. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

de Vignemont. F. (2018) Mind the Body. Oxford: OUP.

Dokic, J., (2014) Feeling the Past: A Two-Tiered Account of Episodic Memory, Review of Philosophy and Psychology. DOI 10.1007/s13164-014- 0183-6

Fernandez Velasco, P., Casati, R. (2019) "Disorientation and GIS-informed Wilderness Search and Rescue." Philosophy and GIS. Springer Nature, Forthcoming.