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Auteur Titre Cote
Bandelt, Hans-Jürgen and Richards, Martin and Macaulay, Vincent Human Mitochondrial DNA and the Evolution of Homo sapiens 3339 BAN
Bellamy, Richard and Hollis, Martin and al.. The Philosophical Quarterly, Volume 45, Issue 178, 1995 3370 phil-quar-v45
Bergqvist, Anna and Cowan, Robert Evaluative perception 3459 BER
Boeckx, Cedric. Linguistic minimalism : origins, concepts, methods, and aims / Cedric Boeckx. 2527 BOE
Brinkworth, Jessica F. and Pechenkina, Kate Primates, Pathogens, and Evolution. 3341 BRI
Danieli, Gian Antonio and Minelli, Alessandro and Pievani, Telmo Stephen J. Gould: The Scientific Legacy 3325 DAN
Ferraris, Maurizio and Morena, Luca and al... The Monist, Volume 92, Issue 2- Europa! 3237 MON v92, n°2
Green, Karen. Dummett : philosophy of language / Karen Green. 2495 DUM
Heams, Th. and Huneman, P. and al.. Handbook of Evolutionary Thinking in the Sciences 3335 HEA
Herman, Thierry / Oswald, Steve (éds. Perspectives théoriques et stratégies persuasives /
Theoretical Perspectives and Persuasive Strategies / de Thierry Herman et Steve Oswald.
3012 THE
Kappeler, Peter M and Silk, Joan Mind the Gap, Tracing the Origins of Human Universals 3329 KAP
Kim, Jaegwon Supervenience and mind : selected philosophical essays 3440 KIM
O. Nelson, Thomas Metacognition : core readings 3439 NEL
Predelli, Stefano. Meaning without truth / Stefano Predelli. 2992 PRE
R. M., Sainsbury Paradoxes / R.M. Sainsbury. 3218 SAI
Salthouse, Timothy A. and van der Helm, Peter A. and al.. Psychological Review-1996, Volume 103, Issue 3 3298 PSY 103-3
Shackelford, Todd K. and Hansen, Ranald D. The Evolution of Sexuality. 3337 SHA
Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter and Wheatley , Thalia and al... The Monist, Volume 95, Issue 3- Neuroethics 3263 MON v95, n°3
Squire, Larry R. and Wakefield, Jerome C. and al.. Psychological Review-1992-volume 99-issue 2 3277 PSY 99-2

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