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Auteur Titre Cote
  Human Mitochondrial DNA and the Evolution of Homo sapiens 3339 BAN
Boeckx, Cedric. Linguistic minimalism : origins, concepts, methods, and aims / Cedric Boeckx. 2527 BOE
Brinkworth, Jessica F. and Pechenkina, Kate Primates, Pathogens, and Evolution. 3341 BRI
Danieli, Gian Antonio and Minelli, Alessandro and Pievani, Telmo Stephen J. Gould: The Scientific Legacy 3325 DAN
Ferraris, Maurizio and Morena, Luca and al... The Monist, Volume 92, Issue 2- Europa!  
Green, Karen. Dummett : philosophy of language / Karen Green. 2495 DUM
Heams, Th. and Huneman, P. and al.. Handbook of Evolutionary Thinking in the Sciences 3335 HEA
    3012 THE
Kappeler, Peter M and Silk, Joan Mind the Gap, Tracing the Origins of Human Universals 3329 KAP
Predelli, Stefano. Meaning without truth / Stefano Predelli. 2992 PRE
R. M., Sainsbury Paradoxes / R.M. Sainsbury. 3218 SAI
Salthouse, Timothy A. and van der Helm, Peter A. and al.. Psychological Review-1996, Volume 103, Issue 3 3298 PSY 103-3
Shackelford, Todd K. and Hansen, Ranald D. The Evolution of Sexuality. 3337 SHA
Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter and Wheatley , Thalia and al... The Monist, Volume 95, Issue 3- Neuroethics  
Squire, Larry R. and Wakefield, Jerome C. and al.. Psychological Review-1992-volume 99-issue 2 3277 PSY 99-2
Stephen T. , Tiffany and Steven J., Lynn and al.. Psychological Review-1990, Volume 97, Issue 2 3274 PSY-97-2
Abell, Catharine and Bantinaki, Katerina Philosophical perspectives on depiction / edited by Catharine Abell and Katerina Bantinaki. 3158 ABE
Achinstein, Peter (ed.) The Concept of evidence / edited by Peter Achinstein. 308
Aczel, Pater (ed.) Situation theory and its applications / edited by Robin Cooper, Kuniaki Mukai, and John Perry. Vol. 3 980

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