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Auteur Titre Cote
Boeckx, Cedric. Linguistic minimalism : origins, concepts, methods, and aims / Cedric Boeckx. 2527 BOE
Green, Karen. Dummett : philosophy of language / Karen Green. 2495 DUM
Herman, Thierry / Oswald, Steve (éds. Perspectives théoriques et stratégies persuasives /
Theoretical Perspectives and Persuasive Strategies / de Thierry Herman et Steve Oswald.
3012 THE
Predelli, Stefano. Meaning without truth / Stefano Predelli. 2992 PRE
Abell, Catharine and Bantinaki, Katerina Philosophical perspectives on depiction / edited by Catharine Abell and Katerina Bantinaki. 3158 ABE
Achinstein, Peter (ed.) The Concept of evidence / edited by Peter Achinstein. 308
Aczel, Pater (ed.) Situation theory and its applications / edited by Robin Cooper, Kuniaki Mukai, and John Perry. Vol. 3 980
Addis, Laird. Natural signs : a theory of intentionality / Laird Addis. 631
Adler, Jonathan E. Belief's own ethics 1505 ADL
Agazzi, Evandro and Faye, Jan. The problem of the unity of science : proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the International Academy of the Philosophy of Science, Copenhagen-Aarhus, Denmark, 31 May-3 June 2000 / editors, Evandro Agazzi, Jan Faye. 1872 AGA
Aitchison, Jean, 1938- The seeds of speech : language origin and evolution / Jean Aitchison. 314 AIT
Akmajian, Adrian. Linguistics, an introduction to language and communication / Adrian Akmajian, Richard A. Demers, Robert M. Harnish. 2nd ed. 205
Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley. Plural Logic / Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley.
2984 OLI
Allen, Colin. Species of mind : the philosophy and biology of cognitive ethology / Colin Allen, Marc Bekoff. 171 ALL
Allen, Gary L. Human spatial memory : remembering where / edited by Gary L. Allen. 1900 ALL
Allen, James (ed.) Readings in planning / edited by James Allen, James Hendler, Austin Tate. 342 ALL
Allix, Louis. Perception et réalité : essai sur la nature du visible / Louis Allix.
1897 ALL
Almeder, Robert F. Blind realism : an essay on human knowledge and natural science / Robert Almeder. 260
Almeder, Robert F. Harmless naturalism : the limits of science and the nature of philosophy / Robert Almeder. 1795 HAR

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