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Auteur Titre Cote
Zomeren, Martijn van. From self to social relationships : an essentially relational perspective on social motivation / Martijn van Zomeren. 3120 ZOM
Zimmer, Hubert et al. (ed.) Memory for action : a distinct form of episodic memory? / Hubert D. Zimmer ... [et al.].
1537 ZIM
Zeman, Adam. Consciousness : a user’s guide / Adam Zeman. 2071 ZEM
Zelazo, Philip, Astington, Janet and Olson, David (ed.) Developing theories of intention : social understanding and self-control / edited by Philip David Zelazo, Janet Wilde Astington, David R. Olson.
1552 ZEL
Zelazo, Philip David; Moscovitch, Morris; Thompson, Evan. The Cambridge handbook of consciousness / edited by Philip David Zelazo, Morris Moscovitch, Evan Thompson 2362 ZEL
Zelazo, Philip David et al The Development of Executive Function in Early Childhood 3482 ZEL
Zeki, Semir. Inner vision : an exploration of art and the brain / Semir Zeki. 1418 ZEK
Zee, Emile van der and Nikanne, Urpo. Cognitive interfaces : constraints on linking cognitive information / edited by Emile van der Zee and Urpo Nikanne. 1956 ZEE
Zak, Paul J. Moral markets : the critical role of values in the economy / edited by Paul J. Zak ; with a foreword by Michael C. Jensen. 2428 ZAK
Zaibert, Leo and al.. The Monist, Volume 92, Issue 4- Forgiveness 3253 MON v92, n°4
Zahar, Elie. Why science needs metaphysics : a plea for structural realism / Elie Zahar.
2427 ZAH
Zagzebski, Linda Trinkaus, 1946- Virtues of the mind : an inquiry into the nature of virtue and the ethical foundations of knowledge / Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski. 2455 ZAG
Zacks, Jeffrey M. Flicker : your brain on movies / Jeffrey M. Zacks. 3096 ZAC
Yourgrau, Palle (ed.) Demonstratives / edited by Palle Yourgrau. 661 YOU
Yourgrau, Palle Demonstratives / edited by Palle Yourgrau. 3194 YOU
Young, James O. Semantics of aesthetic judgements / edited by James O. Young. 3404 YOU
Young, Andrew W. Face and mind / Andrew W. Young. 1337
Wright, Crispin, 1942- Truth and objectivity / Crispin Wright. 997
Wright, Crispin, 1942- Knowing our own minds / edited by Crispin Wright, Barry C. Smith, and Cynthia Macdonald. 1321
Worrall, John. The ontology of science / edited by John Worrall. 2450 WOR

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