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DOKIC Jérôme

Directeur d’études, EHESS


CONTACT ǀ Tel : 01 44 32 26 90







Jérôme Dokic is a philosopher of mind and cognitive science working on various topics including indexicality and situated cognition, perception, memory and imagination. One strand of his current research concerns the affective phenomenology accompanying our ordinary experience of the world, which involves feelings of presence, familiarity and confidence and their opposites, such as feelings of absence, or Freud’s feeling of uncanniness.

He studies these affective phenomena in ordinary perception, but also in pathological cases (derealisation, Parkinson’s disease, Capgras’s and Fregoli’s syndromes) and with respect to modified, displaced or extended perception (virtual reality, sensory substitution and augmentation).

A second strand is about the relationship between mental states and the self. In particular, he is interested in the perspectival dimension of perception, imagination and memory, i.e., the nature and role of the “point of view” involved in our mental states (for instance, the perspectival differences between field and observer memories).

A third strand of his research is the study of the social significance of perception, as it manifests itself for instance in “social affordances”, i.e., perceptible or perceptually detectable opportunities to act together.

Jérôme Dokic is currently invovled in a 3-year research project on cognitive aesthetics, which deals with transformations of self-representations, at various cognitive levels, in intense aesthetic experiences (such as sublimity experiences).