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ARCANGELI Margherita

Associate Professor, EHESS


CONTACT ǀ Tel : 01 44 32 26 90







Margherita Arcangeli – maîtresse de conférence (associate professor) at the EHESS (chair “Theories and practices of imagination. Philosophy and social sciences”) – is the author of a book (Supposition and the imaginative realm. A philosophical inquiry – Routledge, 2018) and several articles on imagination. She has also published on other topics in philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and aesthetics, among which are thought experiments, memory and the sublime.

Her research on imagination focuses on many aspects concerning this intriguing mental capacity : its unity and heterogeneity, its phenomenology, its perspectival nature, how it relates to other mental phenomena (such as supposition, memory, perception, belief, acceptance, emotions). Arcangeli is currently concerned with the role played by imagination in creativity and, more generally, with the cognitive processes recruited by the latter.

She is also interested in the debate on thought experiments, more precisely in the relationship between scientific and philosophical thought experiments, as well as in cognitive approaches to thought experimentation.

Arcangeli has recently started working on aesthetic experiences and, in particular, on the experience of the sublime and the impact the latter has on self-awareness. She is involved in the interdisciplinary ANR project SublimAE (“The Sublime and Aesthetic Experiences”, ANR-18-CE27-0023-01).