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Frederique de Vignemont works in philosophy of cognitive science. Her training has been both in philosophy (at the Jean-Nicod Institute, Paris and at the department of philosophy, NYU) and in cognitive science (at the Institute of Cognitive Science, Lyon and at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, London). She did her PhD with Pierre Jacob on the question of immunity to error through misidentification (“Who’s who? Self, agency and ownership”, EHESS, 2002). She is interested in self-consciousness and disorders of agency and ownership. 
Her current work is twofold. First, she works on body representations from a philosophical perspective, from an anthropological perspective (in collaboration with Asifa Majid, MPI, Nijmegen) and from a psychological perspective (in collaboration with Patrick Haggard, UCL, London). She recently got a three-years research grant from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche on body representation, in collaboration with Alessandro Farné (Unité Inserm 534, Lyon). 
Her second main interest concerns the relationship between self and other. She is working on the hypothesis of shared representations of action and shared representations of the body. She is also interested in empathy and in theory of mind. 

Key words: self, agency, body, empathy, mindreading, mirror neuron, touch