Institut Jean Nicod

    Research topics : It is widely thought that awareness of oneself exhibits certain semantic and epistemic peculiarities (as compared with awareness of things other than oneself). Our research attempts to describe and explain these peculiarities, by investigating the nature and interconnections among phenomenal consciousness, self-awareness, and self-reference. Our approach is primarily philosophical but attempts to incorporate ongoing developments in cognitive science, neuroscience, and (...)

  • Body, Space and the Self (BoSS) (GR)

    Research Group One may believe that our representation of the world is structured under a binary mode, between the bodily self and the rest of the world. There is, however, a buffer zone in the immediate surrounding of the body, in which boundaries are blurred. What is close to the body is directly relevant for the self and yet already in external space. Peripersonal space is the space in which the world is literally at hand to act on. It is also the space in which the world can become (...)

  • Equipes de l’Institut Jean-Nicod

    L’institut Jean-Nicod est composé de neuf équipes de recherche auxquelles s’ajoutent plusieurs groupements de recheche (GR) : ACTION BODY, SPACE AND THE SELF (BoSS) (GR) COGNITION SOCIALE EVOLUTION & COGNITION SOCIALE LINGUAE MIND & LANGUAGE METAPHYSIQUE ET ONTOLOGIE NORMES EPISTEMIQUES PERCEPTION, MEMOIRE, REPRESENTATIONS SEMANTIQUE : DONNEES et MODELES Archives Equipe “Philosophie du langage” Equipe “Conscience (...)

  • Team : MIND & LANGUAGE

    (M&L) This research group is a sequel to the CPR team which existed at Institut Jean Nicod between 2009 and 2015 and hosted François Recanati’s ERC project ‘Content, Context and Compositionality’ (2009-2013). It deals with several topics at the intersection of the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language. Members (2018-2019) Principal Investigators Paul Egré François Recanati (team leader) Isidora Stojanovic Postdocs Gregory Bochner, EURIAS (...)


    Members of the team study knowledge and epistemic norms from the twofold perspective of cognitive science (Proust) and social epistemology (Bouvier, Origgi). Among the topics under study are : the nature of knowledge and its properties ; the social dimension of knowledge, metacognition and epistemic introspection ; the role or argumentation and rhetoric in the shaping of collective beliefs ; epistemic authority, reputation, and the control of legitimacy on information sources and political (...)


    Description L’équipe Métaphysique et Ontologie se consacrera aux recherches suivantes : - métaphysique et métamétaphysique - quantificateurs et variables, engagement ontologique - ontologie des relations, des états de choses - relations formelles de dépendance, connexion, fondation - métaphysique du temps (presentism - métaphysique de la fiction - mondes possibles et fiction - ontologie des objets non existants - métaontologie du réalisme et de l’anti (...)

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