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This research group is a sequel to (or a new name for) the CPR team which has existed at Institut Jean Nicod since 2009 (see It deals with several topics at the intersection of the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language, including : meaning, use, and the semantics/pragmatics distinction ; assertion and truth ; the nature of content ; contextualism ; speech-act-theoretic and pretense-theoretic semantics ; perspective and relativity ; metarepresentation in language and thought; fiction ;  reference and discourse reference ; mental indexicality and the self ; pejoratives and thick concepts; mental files ; polysemy and lexical semantics.

Members (2016-2017)

Principal Investigator
François Recanati

Isidora Stojanovic

Palle Leth (philosophy of language)
Philippe Lusson (philosophy of mind and action)
Michael Murez (philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology)

PhD students
Maryam Ebrahimi Dinani, ENS
Luca Gasparri, EHESS
Andreas Heise, EHESS
Armando Lavalle, EHESS
Andrés Soria
Louis Rouillé, ENS (co-supervised with P. Egré)
Tristan Thommen, ENS (co-supervised with B. Spector)

Visiting PhD students
Diego Feinmann (Sheffield)
Enrico Grosso (Turin)
Dan Hoek (NYU)
Eduardo Navarro Perez (Grenade)
Franzén Nils (Uppsala)

MA students
Romain Bourdoncle (PhilMaster)
Victor Carranza (PhilMaster)
Alice Martin (PhilMaster)

Visitors (2016-2017)
Ariel Cohen (Ben Gurion U.)
Stacie Friend (Birkbeck)
Manuel Garcia-Carpintero (U. Barcelona)
Rachel Goodman (Lincoln)
Aidan Gray (UoI)
Robin Jeshion (USC)
Kasia Kijania-Placek (Krakow)
John MacFarlane (UC Berkeley)
Robert May (UC Davies)
Sajed Tayebi (IPM, Tehran)