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GRAVES Jackson


Université d’origine

University of Minessota

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Post doctorant sous la direction de

Paul Egré & Daniel Pressnitzer

Thématique de recherche

Je m’intéresse principalement à la perception de la musique et au traitement du son par le système auditif

Affiliation IJN




I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Music from the University of Minnesota, where I stayed to do a doctoral thesis in the Auditory Perception and Cognition (APC) laboratory on the subject of pitch perception in musical contexts. During my PhD, I also did an international internship through Erasmus Mundus, at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL), where I studied congenital amusia. In 2018, I started working at the ENS Paris as a postdoctoral researcher.

I am mainly interested in music perception, and the processing of sound by the auditory system. I perform behavioral experiments in humans to better understand the perception of pitch, a dimension of sound that is important for the perception of both music and speech. Currently I study the perception of ambiguous or multi-stable sounds, and the awareness or non-awareness of the ambiguity of these sounds.