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Fiction, Lies, Pretence


This workshop is organised by Louis Rouillé, Paul Égré and Emar Maier. It is part of a Van Gogh program between University of Groningen and IJN. Additional funding comes from NIMP and NIL.

Talks are 40min followed by 20min Q&A.

Please find the book of abstracts here.


Monday December 2, 2019

Salle Paul Langevin, 29 rue d’Ulm (1st floor), ENS.

14h45-15h45: Stacie Friend

Fraudulent Fictions

15h45-16h45: Merel Semeijn
Export of fictional truth as analogical reasoning

Coffee Break


Tuesday December 3, 2019

Salle U207, 29 rue d’Ulm (2nd floor), ENS

10:00-11h00: Emar Maier
The semantics and pragmatics of point of view in film

11h00-12h00: Françoise Lavocat
Fact, fiction, hoaxes and pathos

Lunch break

13h30-14h30: Gregor Gaszczyk
Lying with non-assertions

14h30-15h30: Paul Egré
Half-truths and the Liar