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Séminaire Action


Action, Intention, Rationalité : de l’Individuel au Collectif



Nos recherches visent à une meilleure compréhension des bases cognitives de l’action individuelle et collective et des relations entre les processus cognitifs impliqués dans l’agir individuel et dans l’agir collectif. Elles s’inscrivent dans une perspective interdisciplinaire, associant les apports de la philosophie, des sciences cognitives et de l’économie et de la psychopathologie.

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Jeudi 3 mai, 10-12h

Salle de réunion du DEC

Philippe Lusson “A minimal view of collective actions”


Jeudi 14 juin, 10-12h

Salle des réunion du Pavillon Jardin

Russ McBride (UC Merced) “The Homeostatic Mind"
There has been an explicit pursuit for more than a half century in physics to provide a grand unified theory (or theory of everything) that brings together the distinct domains of physics under a unified explanatory framework. Lessor known is the existence of a parallel pursuit underway in cognitive neuroscience to provide a unified account of mind and behavior. I look at the best current effort as described by Andy Clark in a forthcoming BBS article and conclude that he’s got the most important piece of the puzzle, but only a piece of what is in reality a larger, more cohesive framework better described by the homeostatic mind theory.