Institut Jean Nicod
  • Luísa Semedo (IFL) : "Ethics of Empathy : From Theory to Practice"

  • Margaux Larre-Perez (IJN & LPP) "Stroop-like interference between structural and functional hand gestures within objects"

  • Joulia Smortchkova (IJN) "Singular Thought : from Object Files to Person Files"

  • Nicolas Delon (Université de Picardie, CURAPP) "Animal ethics goes experimental"

    Nicolas Delon (Université de Picardie, CURAPP) will be our next speaker. He is currently doing a PhD under the supervision of Sandra Laugier, working on animal ethics. Title : "Animal ethics goes experimental" Date, Time, Place : 08/02/2013, 4pm, Salle de Réunion du Pavillon Jardin Abstract : Animal ethics, like most other subfields of normative ethics, routinely appeals to readers’ intuition concerning either real or fictitious cases. However, those appeals have usually had two (...)

  • Jeremy Dolan. "Apparent size and shape in visual experience"

    November 30, 2012, 4pm. Institut Jean-Nicod, Salle de Réunion, rdc, Pavillon Jardin. Jeremy Dolan. Jeremy is a fourth-year Ph.D.student in philosophy at New York University, being advised by Ned Block. He is visiting the Institut Jean Nicod this semester. Title : "Apparent size and shape in visual experience" Abstract : Does a distant tree look smaller than an equally-sized tree that is closer to you ? Does the shape of a table seem to change as you look at it from different (...)

  • L. Barlassina : The role of bodily perception in emotion : In defense of an impure somatic theory

    Luca Barlassina - 16/11/2012 at 4 pm Our next speaker will be Luca Barlassina (Ruhr University Bochum). Luca was a visiting fellow at the Institut Jean Nicod 2 years ago, and he is now a Von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow at Bochum University. He will talk about a paper he wrote with Albert Newen (Ruhr University Bochum). "The role of bodily perception in emotion : In defense of an impure somatic theory" Date, Time, Place : 16/11/2012, 4pm, TBA Abstract In this (...)

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