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Applied Cognitive Science Webinar series


The goal of the on-line talk series is to bring together decision makers and entrepreneurs with top level behavioral scientists working with empirically solid techniques that can be applied to improve real world outcomes. The group is interested in fostering diverse human connections across continents, areas of activity, and areas of expertise that will lead to new research ventures.

The talks are intended to appeal to and be of interest to a wide audience. They focus on three broad themes, each illustrating how a deeper understanding of the human mind can produce societal impact :

  1. Misinformation, morals and marketing on social media
  2. Improved decision making and organizational change
  3. New technologies which augment the cognitive performance of individuals and groups.

Dates and venue : Thursdays at 5pm (Paris time) and on Zoom, following this link

Contact : To receive more information and/or to receive regular mails regarding this group’s activities, please contact Brent Strickland ( or

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This year’s Applied Cognitive Science webinar is jointly supported by :

  • ENS-Ulm, PSL, Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS
  • The Africa Business School, UM6P
  • The School of Collective Intelligence, UM6P
  • The TESaCO project at the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politique



Upcoming interventions



Jinsol Lee (Alliance for Decision Education/ PhD Upenn Psych)

"Building a movement : Helping students succeed through decision education"

Thursday 12 May, 5pm


Emmanuel Vincent (Sciences Po)

"Empirically investigating social media policies to tackle misinformation"

Thursday 19 May, 5pm


Gameli Adzah (JOGL Africa)

"Open Science : How JOGL is using the crowd to create a fairer, less noisy R&D funding model at 1/10th of the cost"

Thursday 2 June, 5pm


Tiffany Morisseau ; Rhea Haddad (LaPEA, Université de Paris ; LAPSCO,UCA)

"Designing an app to facilitate prosocial behaviors in crowded and potentially dangerous situations"

Thursday 9 June, 5pm


Nick Byrd (Stevens Institute of Technology)

"Metacognition and Applied Experimental Philosophy"

Thursday 16 June, 5pm


David Yeager (University of Texas ; Psychology dept.)

"Growth Mindset : Mindset x Context Theory"

Thursday 30 June, 5pm



Past Interventions



Olivier Sibony (HEC Paris)

"Cognitive Science : A view from the business world"

Thursday 14 April, 5pm

Alice Albrecht (CEO Re-collect/Yale PhD psychology)

"Augmenting creative thought : Using models of the mind to build a bridge between human and machine"

Thursday 7 April, 5pm

Dr. Corey Cusimano (Princeton)

"Morality and motivated reasoning"

Thursday 31 March, 5pm

Hugo Trad (ENS)

“The role of perspective in decision making and policy evaluation”

Thursday 17 March, 5pm

Sacha Altay (Oxford University ; Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism)

"The psychology of fake news and COVID-19"

Thursday 10 March, 5pm

Jamel Metmati (European Space Agency ; Founder Datalans)

"Cognition and cybersecurity : Securing brains against digital effects"

Thursday 27 January, 5pm

Arvin Jagayat (Ryerson Univ. Psych.)

"Bridging experimental and generalizable social media research using the Mock Social Media Website Tool"

Thursday 13 January, 5pm

Hualin Xiao (LSCP/IJN/ENS-Ulm/SCI-UM6P)

"Gender bias : Perceptions and linguistic influences"

Thursday 9 December, 5pm

Muhammad Malik (Africa Business School, UM6P)

"The impact of rewards on creative behavior"

Thursday 18 November, 5pm