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Workshop “The sublime : philosophical and cognitive approaches”

September 2018, Thursday 27th & Friday 28th

Venue: EHESS, Salle Lombard, 96 bd Raspail, 75006 Paris




Margherita Arcangeli (Humboldt University of Berlin), Jérôme Dokic (EHESS, Institut Jean-Nicod), Marco Sperduti (Université Paris Descartes)


Workshop funded by IRIS PSL CCS – Création, Cognition, Société


Thursday 27th September

09:30 – 10:00 Introduction by Margherita Arcangeli (HU), Jérôme Dokic (EHESS-IJN) & Marco Sperduti (P5)

10:00 – 11:20 Tom Cochrane (Flinders University) “Analogical cognition in the sublime”

11:20 – 12:40 Jean-Marie Schaeffer (EHESS-CRAL) “From Burke to Kant: What sublime?”

14:40 – 16:00 Alice Chirico (Università Cattolica di Milano) “Designing sublime experiences is possible: bridging philosophy and psychology”

16:00 – 17:20 Michelle Lani Shiota (Arizona State University) “Why We Need Awe: An Evolutionary Perspective”

Friday 28th September

10:00 – 11:20 Sandra Shapshay (Indiana University) “Are Monuments Sublime?”

11:20 – 12:40 Matthew Pelowski (Universität Wien) “Quantifying the If, the What, and the When of the sublime: results from a large-scale survey of individuals’ personal sublime experiences”

14:40 – 16:00 Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis (Università degli Studi di Milano) “The pleasure of weeping”

16:00 – 17:20 Jesse Prinz (CUNY) “Wonder, Beauty, and the Sublime”