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Journées d'étude

Drawing challenges / Les défis du dessin

June 2-3, 2017



In joint venture with the Thinking through Drawing project, the Cambridge School of Art/Anglia Ruskin University, and the At-Work intiative, Institut Nicod organizes a two-day workshop in Paris on June 2-3, 2017, in the framework of the IRIS PSL initiative Création, cognition, société. The workshop is part of the activities of Roberto Casati's EHESS seminar, Les outils pour la connaissance: une théorie du design et de ses conséquences sociales.

The workshop will address the epistemic virtues of drawing and the mechanics of discoveries through drawing. In which contexts is drawing more effective than other graphic or non-graphic means? Can drawing be replaced by other graphic means? What are its epistemic virtues, its cognitive advantages? What enables discovery through the use of an analog medium? What are the pragmatic consequences of using drawing as opposed to other media?

We would like to explore some unknown avenues for discovery through drawing, beyond the paradigm case of sketches used for organizing ideas.

Organisation: Roberto Casati


Program / Programme

2/6/2017 - Ecole normale supérieure, 29, rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris,
Salle 236.

Morning session/Matin

9:00 Welcome/Accueil

9:30 Alessandro Pignocchi, Auteur de BD (“Anent”, “Petit traité d'écologie sauvage”)
Pourquoi utiliser la bande dessinée pour raconter une expérience (plutôt que le texte, la photo ou la vidéo)?

Claire Malrieux, artiste /chercheuse associée à Ensadlab, équipe "formes de mouvement"
HyperDrawing: le dessin sous conditions

Marine Royer, Designer & maître de conférences en Design et Sciences socialesUniversité de Nîmes, équipe PROJEKT (EA 7447)
Le dessin comme outil de médiation

Wrap up/Discussion: Roberto Casati, EHESS CNRS

12:30 Refreshments/Collation

Afternoon session/Après-midi

13:30 Hands-on/Travaux pratiques:

Andrea Kantrowitz (State University of New York at New Paltz), Michelle Fava (Anglia Ruskin Cambridge School of Art), Angela Brew (Drawing Growth Project, Brixton)
The 3  Directors  of Thinking through Drawing will lead a hands on workshop, exploring the power of drawing to define problems, conduct a discussion and to solve problems.

Follow-on panel discussion/Discussion: Barbara Tversky, Columbia Teachers College, Stanford University); Valeria Giardino (CNRS Archives Henri Poincaré)

16:30 Yolaine Escande (CNRS, CRAL-EHESS, CECMC-EHESS, enseignante au musée du quai Branly) & Denis Vidal (CNRS, IRD URMIS-Paris Diderot, enseignant au Musée du quai Branly)
Pour une anthropologie de l'esquisse


3/6/2017 - Ecole normale supérieure, 45, rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris,
Salle des Résistants


9:30 Giuseppe Lorini (Università degli Studi di Cagliari), Stefano Moroni (Politecnico di Milano)
How to do Norms with Drawings

Adama Sanneh (Lettera 27 Foundation/ At-Work)
A drawing device as catalyst of social innovation

David Kirsh (University of California San Diego)
The differences between sketching for classical design thinking and sketching for generative design thinking