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Présentation d’ouvrage : Le nouveau Routledge Handbook of Bounded Rationality


Date : 2 juin à 17h30

Lieu : Salle des réunions de l’Institut Jean Nicod



A l’occasion de la publication du Routledge Handbook of Bounded Rationality (2022) édité par Riccardo Viale


  • Riccardo Viale, Università Milano-Bicocca
  • Laura Macchi, Università Milano-Bicocca
  • Dan Sperber, IJN et CEU
  • Hugo MercierCNRS Institut Jean Nicod, Paris
  • Jean Baratgin Université Paris 8 CHArt laboratory & P-A-R-I-S association


Description du livre

Herbert Simon’s renowned theory of bounded rationality is principally interested in cognitive constraints and environmental factors and influences which prevent people from thinking or behaving according to formal rationality. Simon’s theory has been expanded in numerous directions and taken up by various disciplines with an interest in how humans think and behave. This includes philosophy, psychology, neurocognitive sciences, economics, political science, sociology, management, and organization studies.

The Routledge Handbook of Bounded Rationality edited by Riccardo Viale draws together an international team of leading experts to survey the recent literature and the latest developments in these related fields. The chapters feature entries on key behavioural phenomena, including reasoning, judgement, decision making, uncertainty, risk, heuristics and biases, and fast and frugal heuristics. The text also examines current ideas such as fast and slow thinking, nudge, ecological rationality, evolutionary psychology, embodied cognition, and neurophilosophy. Overall, the volume serves to provide the most complete state-of-the-art collection on bounded rationality available.