Institut Jean Nicod
  • Ayana Samuels (York, Toronto) "Telling as Joint Action" May 24

    Ayana Samuels (York, Toronto)
    "Telling as Joint Action"
    Salle séminaire Institut Nicod, 24/05, 15-17h
    In a recent book, Richard Moran (2018) fruitfully highlights the ways in which telling someone something is a social and interpersonal act in which both the speaker and interlocutor must play a part. A conclusion which seems to naturally follow from Moran’s ideas—but one about which he is sceptical—is that telling is a form of joint action. This is the conclusion drawn by John Greco (2020), (...)

  • Gerardo Viera (Sheffield) "Binding events in time" Vendredi 12 Mai

    Gerardo Viera (Sheffield)
    "Binding events in time"
    Vendredi 12 Mai, 14h-16h, Salle Langevin
    Perceptual processes rely on iconic representations in which objects and properties are represented in an intertwined manner. In recent years, there has been a debate as to whether or not perceptual processes must also rely on discursive representations. That debate has largely focused on the visual system’s capacities to construct bound representations of objects and to track multiple objects over (...)

  • Kevin Lande (York University, Toronto) - "Compositionality in Perception" 19 Avril à 15h

    Kevin Lande (York University, Toronto)
    "Compositionality in Perception"
    19 April, from 3pm to 5pm
    Salle de séminaire de l’Institut Jean Nicod
    Perception is a fundamental source of information about the empirical world. But in what form is “the testimony of the senses” delivered ? In this talk, I show how we can answer this question in a systematic, empirically constrained, and philosophically illuminating way. As a case study, I draw on vision science research on how the bounding contours (...)

  • EHESS Spring Talks 2023 | Jérôme Dokic « Le sublime comme objet interdisciplinaire » 21 Avril, 15h

  • Présentation du livre de Pia Campeggiani (université de Bologne) : Theories of Emotions : Expressing, Feeling, Acting, Bloomsbury 2022

    Date : Jeudi 13 octobre à 17 heures
    Lieu : dans la salle au rez de chaussées, Institut Jean Nicod
    Organisé par Gloria Origgi

  • Sabrina Speich & Roberto Casati "The Invisible Ocean : from physics to philosophy"

    Date : 12 septembre 2022, de 17h30 à 19h30
    Lieu : Salle Dussane, 45 rue d’Ulm 75005 Paris (entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles) et diffusion en direct sur la chaîne YouTube de l’ENS-PSL
    As part of the scientific series of PSL for the beginning of the academic year, this conference is given by Sabrina Speich, an oceanologist and professor (ENS - PSL) and Roberto Casati, director of the Jean Nicod Institute (ENS - PSL).
    Although the ocean covers two thirds of the planet’s (...)

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