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Workshop - Varieties of Perspective Shift - June 6-7


When we speak, we usually convey our own perspective on the world, but not always : Languages have developed various and often subtle means to express the perspectives of people other than the speaker. Bringing together linguists and philosophers, this workshop aims at improving our understanding of the different strategies used in the world’s languages to express the perspective of someone other than the speaker. 


Date : June 6-7

Location : ENS, 29 rue d’Ulm, salle RIBOT


Presenters :

  • Shweta Akolkar (UC Berkeley)
  • David Blunier (Université de Genève)
  • Isabelle Charnavel (University of Geneva)
  • Amy Rose Deal (UC Berkeley)
  • Becky Jarvis (UC Berkeley)
  • Emar Maier (University of Groningen)
  • Tatiana Nikitina (LACITO)
  • Francois Recanati (Collège de France)
  • Merel Semeijn (IJN, ENS, PSL)
  • Andreas Stokke (University of Uppsala)


Organisation : Márta Abrusán (IJN, ENS, CNRS, PSL, EHESS) and Amy Rose Deal (UC Berkeley)

Funding : France-Berkeley Fund, UC Berkeley, CNRS, ENS-PSL
(logos de Berkeley ci-jointes)