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Conference celebrating the centenary of the death of Jean Nicod


Date : Monday 18 & tuesday 19 November 2024

Location : Salle Jaurès, ENS, 29 rue d’Ulm


The Jean Nicod Institute commemorates the centenary of the death of Jean Nicod (1893-1924), a French philosopher and logician best known for his contributions to logic and epistemology. With his two major works on geometry applied to the sensible world and on induction (La géométrie dans le monde sensible et Le problème logique de l’induction, both published in 1923), Jean Nicod anticipated central philosophical debates of the second half of the 20 th century. Author of two doctoral theses, including one with Bertrand Russell at the University of Cambridge, he was a bridge-builder between the French philosophical tradition and Anglo-Saxon analytic philosophy.

The conference brings together philosophers, psychologists, social scientists and logicians who have been influenced in one way or another by Jean Nicod’s work.



  • Fabrice Correia (UniGe), “Occuper une région : Nicod et le débat contemporain”
  • Pascal Engel (EHESS-CRAL), “Nicod, la barre de Sheffer et la logique du jugement”
  • Laura Fontanella (U. Paris Est Créteil), "What a single axiom can do. Nicod’s formalization of classical logic"
  • Sébastien Gandon (Université Clermont Auvergne), "Nicod contre Bergson. La structure de La géométrie dans le monde sensible"
  • Patrick Haggard (UCL), “Hopping, stroking, sensing, knowing : sensorimotricité et espace chez Nicod”
  • Kevin Mulligan (USI), “Nicod’s Phenomenology of Perception”
  • Francesca Poggiolesi (CNRS-IHPST), "Explaining with reasons : from Aristotle to Machine Learning Classifiers” - joint work with Brian Hill (GREGHEC)
  • Catherine Recanati (LIPN), "La géométrie dans le monde sensible"