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Workshop : The Variety of the "We"



This workshop has two aims. (I) to discuss different ways of understanding we-ness from a philosophical and psychological perspective, and (II) identify and connect together researchers at DEC and related networks who are interested in this topic.

What do we understand by “we” ? Can “we” be more (or less) than a collection of individuals ? How do pre-existing theories approach social intentionality and group mentality and what can we suggest further from a different perspective ? We opt to situate different forms of we-ness in relation to our understanding of self, other, and the world.

Topics that will be introduced with presentations include (1) If our language use (who-words and pronouns in different languages and cultures) affects and form the our way of understanding the we-ness, and if so, how ; (2) What kind of we-ness (if any) follows from being co-subjects or co-objects of some act ? ; (3) How we-ness relate to figures of speech such as “our problem”, “our focus” etc. In addition, there will be a couple of more slots open for presentations on topics related to the aims of the workshop stated above - let us know if you are interested in presenting your work.

Organizers : Hye Young KIM (ENS), Andreas FALCK (IJN), Takuya NIIKAWA (IJN)
Date (approx.) : March 18, 13-18
Venue : L357/359, 24 Rue Lhomond, Paris, France

For any questions or submission of your paper, please contact : Hye Young KIM