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28 juin : Andreas Stokke (Umea)

Vendredi 28 juin  2013 de 11h à 13h 

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Andreas Stokke (Umea University)

Lying, Misleading, and Questions under Discussion


This paper presents a way of understanding lying and misleading as discourse strategies and the difference between them as a difference in such strategies. In particular, I argue that the distinction between lying and merely misleading marks different strategies for addressing so-called questions under discussion. As opposed to accounts that attempt to capture the distinction by appealing to notions like 'what is said', this proposal sees the lying-misleaing distinction as discourse-sensitive. I argue that it thereby handles a number of counterexamples to saying-based approaches. This includes cases where 'what is said' is believed to be true and yet the utterance is seen as a lie due to the way it relates to a salient question. Other cases involve utterances in need of completion that succeed in being merely misleading by addressing a relevant question in particular ways.