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18 janvier 2013 : Max Kölbel (Université de Barcelone)

Vendredi 18 janvier 2013 de 11h à 13h

Max Kölbel
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How to communicate with Centered Contents

Abstract : In this paper, I outline a proposal as to how communication with centered contents can proceed. The problem posed by centered contents is that they are not what I call "portable" : It might be correct to believe (assert) such a content for some thinker at some time, but not be correct to believe (assert) the same content for another thinker or at another time. As a consequence, successful assertoric communication cannot simply always consist in someone coming to believe the content that someone else, who already believes it, asserts. I outline two ways in which, in principle, centered contents could figure in communication : the Surrogate Content Model and the Local Portability Model. I then consider which model is at work in which of the problematic cases that have been discussed.