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Metacognitive diversity across cultures: advances and perspectives

Dividnorm 2011-2016

Paris, ENS, les 31 mai et 1er juin 2016

Organisation :  Joëlle Proust (Institut Nicod)
Contact : Emile Thalabard

Ecole normale supérieure, 45, rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris
31 mai 2016, Amphithéâtre Rataud.
1er juin 2016, Salle des Actes.

Metacognition - the capacity to evaluate one's uncertainty in a cognitive task - has been classically studied in industrialized Western societies. Little is known, however, about epistemic sensitivity in non-Western, non-Industrial societies. This workshop is meant both to present interdisciplinary research conducted in this domain by the DIVIDNORM project, and to explore with anthropologists, philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists the changes in method and experimental paradigm that future research about cognitive and metacognitive diversity calls for. Asher Koriat and Chris Frith will present their respective recent findings in individual and in social metacognition.

Participants :

Dan Bang (University College London), Fabrice Clément (UNINE), Athanasios Chasiotis (Tilburg University), Laurence Conty (Paris-8), Pierre Deléage (EHESS), Terry  Eskenazi (ENS), Martin Fortier (ENS), Chris Frith (University College London), Julie Grèzes (ENS), Daniel Haun (University of Leipzig), Shoji Itakura (University of Kyoto), Amelie Jacquot (ENS), Asher Koriat (University of Haïfa), Sunae Kim (LMU), Olivier Le Guen (CIESAS, Mexico), Asli Ozyurek (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen), Markus Paulus (LMU), Joëlle Proust (ENS), Nicholas Shea (Kings College London), Beate Sodian (LMU).


PROGRAM -  (Program & Abstracts Version PDF)

Tuesday, May 31

8:45 - Welcome coffee

9:00-9:30 - Presentation of the workshop (Joëlle Proust, IJN)

Chair: Pierre Deléage (EHESS, Paris).

9:30-10:30 - Asher Koriat (University of Haifa): "Subjective confidence, self-consistency, and social consensus".

10:30-10:45 - Coffee break

10:45-11:30 - Fabrice Clément (UNINE, Neuchatel): "The impact of consensus in beliefs formation: Some developmental and cross-cultural elements for a global reflection".

11:30-11:55 - Comments by Daniel Haun (University of Leipzig)

11:55-12:15 - General discussion

12:15-14:15 - Lunch break

Chair: Uta Frith (University College London)

14:15-14:55 - Shoji Itakura (University of Kyoto): "Nonverbal theory of mind: Evidence in Japanese children".

14:55-15:20 - Comments by Athanasios Chasiotis (Tilburg University)

15:20-15:40 - General discussion

15:40-16:15 - Coffee break 

16:15-17:15 - Sunae Kim (Sanbaci University): "Cross cultural studies on young children's metacognition".

17:15-17:25 - Comments by Asli Ozyurek (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen)

17:25-17:45 - General discussion

Wednesday, June 1st

Chair: Sid Kouider (ENS, Paris)

9:00-10:00 - Chris Frith (University College London): "The social relevance of explicit metacognition for perception and action".

10:00-10:15 - Coffee break

10:15-11:15 - Terry Eskenazi & Amelie Jacquot (ENS, Paris): "Social influences on metacognitive evaluations in France and in Japan".

11:15-11:40 - Comments by Dan Bang (University College London)

11:40-12:00 - General discussion

12:00-14:00 - Lunch break

Chair: Jérôme Dokic (EHESS, Paris)

14:00-14:30 - Olivier Le Guen (CIESAS, Mexico): "Metacognition in Yucatec Mayan Children.".

14:30-15:00 - Martin Fortier (ENS, Paris): "Metacognition in supernatural thinking: A probabilistic approach".

15:00-15:25 - Comments by Pierre Deléage (EHESS, Paris)

15:25-15:45 - General discussion

15:45-16:15 - Coffee break

16:15-17:00 - Nicholas Shea (King's College London): "Metacognition about concepts".

17:00-17:45 - Joëlle Proust (IJN, ENS, Paris): "Cross-cultural diversity, folk epistemology and metacognition".