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Workshop MEDEM (Mediated Emotions)

November 2013, Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Département de Physique, 24, rue Lhomond 75005, Paris. Salle Conf IV, 2ème étage

Organizers: Margherita Arcangeli (IJN), Jérôme Dokic (EHESS, IJN) & Stéphane Lemaire (University of Rennes 1, IJN)


Conference Theme :

Presently there is no consensus on the intentional content of emotions. Some authors claim that emotions are first and foremost about the body, whereas others argue that they are primarily about external worldly entities, or about relationships between the body and the world.

The aim of the workshop is to address and revisit these issues about emotional content with respect to mediated emotions, that is, emotions which are experienced with the help of representational media or proxies. In such contexts, which involve imagination, memory, physical representations (films, pictures, recordings, documents, etc.) and narratives of various sorts, intuitively the external target of the emotion is not directly given and may not even exist (for instance in the case of fiction).

What relationship is there between feeling an emotion toward a present, say scary, object and imagining (or remembering) an object as scary? What is the nature of emotions felt towards real objects but only mediated via a representation? What effect does the spatio-temporal/modal distance of the object produce on our emotions? For example, are we differently moved by a scene believed to be recent, in contrast to a scene in which the protagonists have long since disappeared or do not even exist? The latter question is connected with the well-known “paradox of fiction”, which concerns the nature of emotions with respect to fictional entities, but our aim in this workshop is to broaden the scope of enquiry and understand the nature of emotions in various representational contexts, including but not limited to fiction.


Wednesday 20 November

14h30-15h00 Introduction by Margherita Arcangeli (IJN), Jérôme Dokic (EHESS, IJN) & Stéphane Lemaire (University of Rennes 1, IJN)

15h00-16h00 Sabine Döring (University of Tübingen),
“From expressive action to expression of emotion in art”

16h00-16h30 Coffee

16h30-17h30 George Wilson (University of Southern California), “Imagined Seeing and The Rhetoric of Narrative Film”

17h30-18h30 Stacie Friend (Heythrop College), “Reconstructing Radford”

Thursday 21 November

10h00-11h00 Jérôme Pelletier (University of Brest, IJN)
“Distal vs Fictional Emotions”

11h00-11h30 Coffee

11h30-12h30 Dorothea Debus (University of York), “Being Emotionally Involved”

14h30-15h30 Jean-Marie Schaeffer (CNRS, EHESS, CRAL) “Projective imaginings and emotions”

15h30-16h00 Coffee

16h00-17h00 Fabrice Teroni (University of Bern), “Emotions at anchor”

17h00-18h00 Robert Hopkins (University of Sheffield, New York University), “Pictures and Non-Conformity”