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"Acquaintance and Direct Grasp"


Monday, July 2: Intellectual Acquaintance


11:30-13 Angela Mendelovici (UWO), “What We Grasp"


15-16:30 David Bourget (UWO), "Grasping Propositions: The Role of Phenomenal consciousness"

16:30-18 Eli Chudnoff (Miami), ​"Cognitive Expertise"


Tuesday, July 3rd: Introspective Acquaintance


10-11:30 Charles Siewert (Rice),"​Reflective Attention and Acquaintance"​

11:30-13 Anna Giustina (IJN), "Introspective Acquaintance​: An Integration Account​"


15-16:30 Andrew Lee (NYU),"​Introspective Error"​


Wednesday, July 4th: no talks


Thursday, July 5th: Perceptual Acquaintance


15-16:30 Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers), TBA

16:30-18 Farid Masrour (Wisconsin), ​"Perceptual Acquaintance and Kantian Intuitions​"​


Friday, July 6th: Practical Acquaintance + Summary


10-11:30 John Bengson (Wisconsin), "Practical Revelation"
11:30-13 Olivier Massin (IJN), "Grasping Values"


15-16:30 David Chalmers (NYU), synthesis and summary