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Carlota Serrahima


I did my BA in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, where I also did an MA in Cognitive Science and Language. I earned my PhD by the same university in July 2019 with a thesis entitled My Body is the Subject’s Body. In Defence of Experientialism about the Sense of Bodily Ownership. 

I am mainly interested in matters related to consciousness and self-consciousness, and in particular in the experiences that conscious subjects have of their own bodies. In my thesis I defended that the sense of bodily ownership is dependent upon a more general notion of subjectivity, that is, of the fact that subjects experience psychological states, and in particular bodily sensations, as their own. I am also interested in exploring how these phenomena bear on epistemological matters, such as the immunity to error through misidentification of bodily and psychological self-ascriptions.

Université d’origine

Universitat de Barcelona

Post doctorant sous la direction de

Frédérique de Vignemont

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Affiliation IJN