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PACHERIE Elisabeth

Directrice de Recherche, CNRS


CONTACT ǀ Tel : 01 44 32 26 89





Directrice d’ACTION



Elisabeth Pacherie is a philosopher of mind and action. Her methodological proclivities are naturalistic : she believes that progress on philosophical issues depends on sustained interaction with empirical science. In the earlier part of her career, she progressively extended her work from issues concerning intentionality and mental causation to consciousness, perception, action, and their disruptions in mental pathologies. For the last 15 years, action has been her main area of investigation. She has worked extensively on intentions, action understanding, sense of agency and joint action and has a strong record of international interdisciplinary collaborations in these fields.

Her current research program extends her work in three directions. Her first project aims to contribute to a more fine-grained account of the architecture of action control by investigating the representational structures and control processes that support the flexibility and efficiency of highly skilled action action. The objective of her second project is to investigate both theoretically and empirically how our sense of agency for joint action relates to, and differs from, our sense of agency for individual actions. Her third project, in collaboration with psychologists and roboticists, concerns human-robot interactions and aims investigating whether and under what conditions commitments, that play a crucial role in human cooperative interactions, could play a similar role in human-robot interactions.