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I have been trained in Italy and Switzerland in ancient languages (Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Vedic, Pali) and computational linguistics. Today, I am a formal semanticist. 

I have been working on genericity (I was PI of an ANR on this), reciprocity (during my visit at CUNY) and plurality. 

Modal verbs, adverbs and attitudes are the primary focus on my research today, in collaboration with University of Chicago where I have spent two years. (Modality is the common thread across these works as I found a way to talk about reasonable possibilities with reciprocals.)

My work is strongly imbued with a cross-linguistic dimension (most often focusing on French, Italian, English and Greek). I have recently started a new research on diachronic formal semantics.

Through collaborations with computational linguists, I am finally carrying new research with direct societal impact on intention detection and text mining.