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Phone: 0144322669


Professor of Economics and Cognitive Sciences at University Paris 2 (Sorbonne Universités).
Fields: experimental economics; economic cognition; neuroeconomics; decision-theory; money.

My current research consists in investigating some psycho-biological bases of economic behaviors and cognition. The central theme is a temporal and functional lag between the evolution of neurobiological mechanisms that supported the adaptation to modern economic environments and the nature and demands of these environments. The study of rationality and irrationality, which transformed dramatically economic sciences in the recent decades, is here understood within that particular perspective.

Two running funded research programs defines my current work: * how recent formal advances in decision-theory (incomplete preferences, second-order subjective probability, temporal extension of static decision models under uncertainty, etc.) can inform psychology and inspire new experimental paradigms and * how limited cognitive systems can adapt to complex decision-environments and create social artefacts to overcome adaptive difficulties (the case of money is particularly investigated).


Current projects:

- Interference between low-level cognitive processes (perception, number and magnitude processing) and decision-making

- Incomplete preferences, indecisiveness

- Decision-theoretical paradoxes in non-human subjects: biological markers of rationality

- Search-theoretical models of money emergence (Kiyotaki and Wright): monkey-money-experiments; neural signals of money categorization, etc.)

- Folk economic cognition - cycles, crises, life-cycles, existential anticipations.