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Research project

Subjective judgments and their linguistic markers : assertability and informativity

Directeur de thèse


Ecole doctorale

ED 540


I am a PhD student under the supervision of Alda Mari at Ecole Normale Supérieure and Institut Jean Nicod.

My research project consists of a semantic and pragmatic analysis of emotive propositional attitude verbs. These are verbs that allow speakers to make judgments about actual or possible situations on the basis of their subjective experience. Some examples are `I find that ...', `I feel that ...', and `I fear that ...'. Within the framework of truth-conditional semantics, one can only conclude that these subjective judgments are true or false relative to some judge. However, this does not account for how they aim at modifying an addressee's beliefs. My aim is to consider the role played by emotivity in intersubjective interactions, and I will do so by determining the assertability conditions of statements containing emotive propositional attitude verbs, as well as the effects that these assertions have on the conversational common ground.