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I am a PhD ​student ​under the supervision of Benjamin Spector and ​Emmanuel Chemla. ​My research project (funded by ​École Normale Superiéure) ​aims to explore the online comprehension of plural expressions, specifically in cases where the​y ​give rise to more than one sentence interpretation​ (e.g. Two boys hold three balloons)​.

Therefore, my proposal relies on the application of techniques from both linguistics and cognitive psychology, ranging from modeling by means of formal semantics techniques to traditional psychological and physiological indices, such as​ reaction times, priming and​ mouse and eye-movements​.

Previous education: BA in Literature and Linguistics at University of Buenos Aires (Argentina); MA in Cognitive Science ​at Paris V/ EHESS / ENS


Cognitive Sciences, Semantics, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics.​

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