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PhD student at the École Normale Supérieure and at the Institut Jean Nicod, financed by PSL Research University.

Advisor : Uriah Kriegel.

Research subject : Introspection and self-knowledge.



My research project lies between philosophy of mind and epistemology. It explores the nature and the epistemic significance of introspection.

My dissertation research focuses on introspection of phenomenal states, that is, the distinctively first-personal method through which one can get knowledge of the phenomenology of one’s current conscious experience. Particularly, I am interested in the nature and epistemology of what I call primitive introspection. Primitive introspection is a non-classificatory kind of phenomenal state introspection, where by non-classificatory I mean not involving recognizing the introspected phenomenal state as an instance of any experience type.

I defend three main claims about primitive introspection. First, it exists : there is a mental phenomenon that has the features I attribute to primitive introspection and such a phenomenon is a fully-fledged introspective process. Second, its nature is best accounted for by a version of the acquaintance theory. Third, it has a distinct epistemic value : it provides the subject with knowledge of their phenomenal states. Such knowledge is a sui generis kind of knowledge : knowledge by acquaintance, which is irreducible to propositional knowledge, is infallible, and has both an intrinsic and an instrumental epistemic value.



Fact-introspection, Thing-introspection, and Inner Awareness’, Review of Philosophy and Psychology 8 : 143-164 (2017). (With Uriah Kriegel).

Conscious Unity from the Top Down : A Brentanian Approach’, The Monist 100 : 16-37 (2017).


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