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I am a PhD candidate since october 2017 on the subject "Evolution of cooperation in collective adaptive systems".

I am interested in the evolution of reciprocal cooperation and its bootstrapping issue. I use evolutionary algorithms and robotic simulations to model the complex mapping between genotype and phenotype. I plan to show that even when reciprocal cooperation is the most adaptive behavior, it rarely emerges as an evolutionary path from pure defection to reciprocal cooperation may not exist. Then, I plan to identify which are the environmental or pre-existing cognitive features that ease the emergence of reciprocal cooperation.

For more details, you can read my PhD Project on the EDITE website.

Sujet de recherche

Evolution of cooperation in collective adaptive systems

Directeur de thèse

Nicolas Bredèche et Jean-Baptiste André 

Etablissement d’inscription

Sorbonne Université

Ecole doctorale