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James Hampton


Professor, Dep. of Psychology, School of Arts and Social Sciences, City University, London

After studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge, Professor Hampton took his PhD in Psychology at University College London before moving to City University London in 1977. Since then he has had Visiting Appointments in the USA at Stanford, Cornell, Chicago, Yale and New York Universities.

His research interests have broadly concerned the interface between psychology, philosophy and linguistics as applied to the problem of concepts and word meaning.

Professor Hampton has championed a view of concepts known as the Prototype Model, according to which people represent concepts by concentrating on clear central examples rather than on the boundary cases between one concept and another.

He has also published a series of studies of Conceptual Combination, in which he showed that the way in which simple logical connectives such as "and", "or" and "not" operate in natural language is only approximately related to their operation in set logic. An explanation is provided by the proposal that when we form a complex concept such as "Bird that is also a Pet", a process is invoked that seeks to integrate the prototype information representing each concept into a single composite.


Invité à l’IJN
Novembre 2018