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Eros Corazza


phone: +41 (0)115 9515598 


more detailed information can be obtained at:



1986 Licence es Lettres, University of Geneva, Switzerland
1988 MA, Indiana University, Bloomington IN, USA. Supervisor: Prof. Castañeda
1992 PhD, The University of Geneva, Switzerland. Supervisor: Prof. J. Bouveresse and Prof. K. Mulligan

Areas of Competence:

Philosophy of Language/Logic, Philosophy of Linguistic, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Wittgenstein

Academic Positions:

•Senior Lecturer, Dept. Philosophy, The University of Nottingham
•Research Associate: Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris, France 
•Visiting Professor, University of Fribourg (Spring Semester 2003)
•Visiting Scholar, CSLI, Stanford University, University of California LA, University of California Riverside, University of Florida (1992-1995)


1995: Prix Adolphe Neumann (University of Geneva) for the book Référence, Contexte et Attitudes
1995: Prix Amiel (University of Geneva) for the book Référence, Contexte et Attitudes
1992: Prix William Rivier (University of Lausanne), for my work on reference within the philosophy of language
1987: Prix Humbert, for my “Mémoire de Licence”: Images, Référence et Essence. La théorie picturale du langage et le problème de la référence dans la philosophie de L. Wittgenstein.


2002: AHRB (Arts and Humanities Research Board) Research Leave Scheme. Autumn Semester 
2001: A two months fellowship for “accueil en France de chercheurs étrangers de haut niveau et de renommée internationale.” From “Ministère français de la recherche”: Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris, France
1993-1995: Fellowship for “chercheur avancé” of the Swiss National Foundation of Scientific Research: Stanford University, Dept. of Philosophy and CSLI; UCLA, UC Riverside, University of Florida Gainesville, USA
1992-1993: Fellowship of the Swiss National Foundation of Scientific Research: Stanford University, Dept. of Philosophy and CSLI, USA
1987-1988: Fulbright Grant: Dept. of Philosophy, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA
1986-1987: Fellowship of the “Ministero italiano della cultura”: University of Milan, Italy



•1995, Référence, Contexte, et Attitudes, Ed. Vrin/Bellarmin, Paris-Montréal, (xvi+219p.) ISBN 2-7116-9767-3 (Vrin), 2-89007-801-9 (Bellarmin)

•1993, (with Jérôme Dokic), Penser en Contexte: Le Phénomène de l’Indexicalité. Suivie de Perry, J., “Frege et les Démonstratifs et Evans, G. “Comprendre les Démonstratifs”, Editions de l’Eclat, Paris, (143p.), ISSN 1151-647X, ISBN 2-905372-77-X

In Preparation

•Reflecting the Mind: An Essay on Indexicality and How We Ascribe it

•The Language-Thought Debate [a long term project]


•2003, “Complex Demonstratives qua Singular terms”, Erkenntnis, ISNN 0165-0106, forthcoming

•2003, “Kinds of Context: A Wittgensteinian Approach to Proper Names and Indexicals”, Philosophical Investigations, ISSN 0190-0536, forthcoming

•2003, “Indexicals, Fiction, and Ficta” (with M. Whitsey), Dialectica, ISSN 0012-2017, forthcoming

•2003, “On the Alleged Ambiguity of ‘Now’ and ‘Here’”, Synthese, ISNN 0039-7857, forthcoming

•2003, “Thinking the Unthinkable: An Excursion into Z-land”, in O’Rourke M. & Washington C. (eds.), Situating Semantics: Essays on the Philosophy of John Perry, MIT Publications, Cambridge Mass., forthcoming

•2003, “Singular Propositions, Quasi-Singular Propositions, and Reports”, Kepa Korta (ed.), Semantics, Pragmatics, and Rhetoric, CSLI Publications, Stanford, 

•2002, “‘She’ and ‘He’: Politically Correct Pronouns”, Philosophical Studies, Vol. 111, No. 2, pp. 173-96, ISNN 0033-8116

•2002, “Description-Names”, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 31. No. 4, pp. 313-26, ISNN 0022-3611

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