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I am a young cognitive philosopher. After having obtained my Bachelor degree in philosophy, I decided to enroll myself in The Research Master in Cognitive Science at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris.

In my Master's dissertation, I exploited the complementary strengths of cognitive science and philosophy and their respective methodologies to synthesize the current approaches of Immunity to Error through Misidentification (IEM) (Shoemaker, 1968). I also spelled out a bodily illusion called the “Rubber Hand Illusion” (Botvinik and Cohen, 1998).

After my Master's degree, I obtained funding from the French Ministry of Research for a PhD project on IEM under the supervision of Prof. François Recanati and Dr. Frederique de Vignemont at Institut Jean Nicod (IJN), Paris. I also obtained a Teaching Assistant position for three years at the Philosophy Department of the UPEC where I gave courses in the philosophy of mind and language, cognitive science, and aesthetics (64h/year). During my PhD, I obtained a diploma in cognitive science and philosophy from the École Normale Supérieure (ENS, Ulm). In 2010, I spent the fall semester as a visiting student at Transitions, a CNRS research center hosted by New York University. In May 2012, I obtained the highest distinction for the defense of my PhD thesis entitled « Self-knowledge and immunity to error through misidentification ». In 2013, I obtain the "Qualification aux fonctions de maître de conférence (section 17)", and an acting instructor position in philosophy of psychology at Lille 3 university (66h/year). I am also T.A. in ethics and philosophy of science at the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food, and Environmental Sciences (18h/year), and Senior Academic Consultant in psychology and Associate in philosophy for MOUSEION.

My research interests lie in philosophy of mind and cognitive science. More precisely, I am interested in the specification of the content and functional role of several types of mental representations in order to explain complex psychological phenomena that arise at a personal level.