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I'm interested in Philosophy of Language, especially the issue of context-sensitivity (broadly construed). I support relativism about several expressions (predicates of personal taste, locational expressions, etc.). My current project is to provide a temporalist semantics that incorporates "variadic functions" (functions from predicates to predicates). I'm also interested in issues related to propositions, assertion, centered content, etc.

In my recently completed PhD thesis, "The Semantics of Incomplete Content", I develop an "enhanced" relativist view about locations and judges (in connection to meteorological predicates such as "rain" and predicates of personal taste such as "tasty", respectively), combining the postulation of "unorthodox" parameters in the circumstances of evaluation (locations and judges) with the "variadic functions approach" to certain prepositional phrases and quantifier phrases that treats them as adjuncts and not as arguments. Comments welcome! link to the thesis 



Review of Berit Brogaard, Transient Truths. An Essay in the Metaphysics of Propositions, OUP, 2012, forthcoming in Disputatio.


“Introduction: Relativism about Value” (with Max Kölbel)

The Southern Journal of Philosophy, 50 (4): 529-537 (special anniversary issue “Relativism about Value”, guest editors: Max Kölbel & Dan Zeman). link to the volume

"Unarticulated Constituents, Variadic Functions and Relativism"
Logique et Analyse, 54 (216), 617-632. link to the issue

"Knowledge Attributions and Relevant Epistemic Standards"
In F. Recanati, I. Stojanovic and N. Villanueva (eds.), Context-Dependence, Perpsective and Relativity, De Gruyter Mouton (Mouton Series in Pragmatics), 225-250. link to the volume 

Review of Jeffrey King, The Nature and Structure of Content, OUP 2007
Mind, 119 (475), 814-819 (with Genoveva Marti). link to the review 

Review of Herman Cappelen and John Hawthorne, Relativism and Monadic Truth, OUP 2009 Disputatio, III (26), 100-108. link to the review 

"Context Sensitivity: Indexicalism, Contextualism, Relativism"
In B. Kokinov et al. (eds.), Modeling and Using Context, Springer, 545-557. link to the volume 

"Overcoming the Obstacles to the Relativity of Truth"
Organon F, XIV (2), 232-241.

"Relativism and Alethic Functionalism"
Organon F, XIV (1), 53-71. link to the abstract

Recent talks:

“Can the Operator Argument Support Relativism?”
Israeli Philosophical Association Annual Conference, Ramat Gan, 18.02.2013

“Temporal Variadic Operators” (invited talk)
Fourth Semantic Content Workshop, Barcelona, 26-27.11.2012

“Radical Relativism, Retraction and ‘Being at Fault’” (with Filippo Ferrari)

Eight Graduate Workshop in Analytic Philosophy OFA8, Lisbon, 10-12.09.2012

"Locations, Binding and the Variadic Functions Aproach"
SPR-11, Donostia, 9-11.11.2011

"The Operator Argument Revisited",
Latin Meeting for Analytic Philosophy, Lisbon, 2-4.11.2011

"Temporal Binding in the Event Analysis"
CPR seminar, Paris, 26.10.2011