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A More Complicated Notion of Context.

What relations hold between linguistic contexts and extra-linguistic contexts? Answering this question will involve answering others : What is the relation between anaphora and indexicality ? What is causing the indexicals to shift when they pick out referents from a context other than the context of utterance ? How does the behavior of indexicals/pronouns/anaphoric uses of `now', `here', etc. compare to the behavior of presuppositional terms ? Finally, given the data, do we still have good reason to hold on to a two-dimensional logic of indexicals like Kaplan's, or is another framework, perhaps one that can handle many terms besides indexicals, more suitable ?

Directeur : Recanati, F.
Co-directeur (cotutelle) : Sainsbury, M.(Université d'Austin, Texas)

Début de la thèse : septembre 2007

Ecole Doctorale : ED de Sciences Sociales (EHESS)
Etablissement d'inscription : EHESS