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Luc Schneider (*1968, Luxembourg) is a researcher at the Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science, Saarland University (Saarbrücken, Germany). He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Geneva (2007), a M.Sc. in Computing Science from Imperial College, London (2001) and a M.A. in Philosophy and in Linguistics from the University of Tübingen (1993).

Previously, Luc Schneider worked as a research associate at the Italian National Research Council in Padova (2001-2002) and as a research fellow at the Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science in Leipzig, Germany (2002-2003). He held positions as a teaching assistant at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Geneva (2004-2005) and at the Humanities College of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (2005-2006). From 2007 to 2008, Luc Schneider was a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Geneva and, from 2008 to 2009, a post-doc fellow at the Institut Jean Nicod. 

His doctoral dissertation, written under the supervision of Kevin Mulligan (Geneva) and Barry Smith (SUNY/Buffalo), is on Aristotelian Four-Category Ontology and its logic. His main research interests are in formal and applied ontology as well as philosophical logic. Luc Schneider is one of the co-developers of the foundational ontology DOLCE ("Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering") as well as of the clinical domain ontology MLOCC ("Middle Layer Ontology for Clinical Care"). In addition, he has done research on the following topics: multi-agent systems, logic programming and natural language processing.

*Articles in peer-reviewed journals:
– “The Logic of the Ontological Square”, Studia Logica 91(1), pp. 25-51 (2009).
– "Higher-order Exemplification", Axiomathes, Special Issue on Exemplification (to appear). 

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* Working papers and technical reports
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