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Owner of a Master in philosophy (University Rennes 1) and a Master of Science in logic (ILLC, Amsterdam), I am currently engineer in computer science at C-S Communication & Systèmes (Grenoble). Software architect, designer and developer, I am working actually on J2EE applications for high performance computing or simulation.

My PhD, supervised by Frédéric Nef, is about the use of the notion of connection as a principle of explanation for our understanding of the conditional sentences. These sentences, of form “If A, B”, are considered as a basis of formal logic and more generally of any type of reasoning by means of a language. Despite their foundational importance, no general agreement is attained concerning their semantics, especially when they are used in the natural language. I will first take the concept of connection to obtain a taxonomy of these conditionals. Each type will own its particular linguistic properties. Secondly, by the means of possible worlds to model the notion of connection, I will give to each of them some formal semantics.