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Judith Simon is associate postdoctoral fellow at the Institut Jean Nicod. She is also senior researcher at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as well as principle investigator in the project "Epistemic Trust in Socio-Technical Epistemic System". The project is funded by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) and based at the University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy. Further information about the project can be foundhere.

From May 2009 till May 2011 Judith has been postdoctoral fellow at the Institut Jean Nicod. Previously, she has worked at the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna for four years and spent two years in technology assessment of biomedicine in Berlin. She holds a master in psychology from the Free University Berlin and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Vienna. From March till September 2008 she was a visiting scholar at Stanford University and in 2010 she has been a guest researcher at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science at University of Trento as well as the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (CSIC-IIIA) in Barcelona. She is interested in the relationship between concepts of knowledge, trust and sociality in epistemology and information & communication technologies. In her PhD thesis she proposes a new socio-epistemological framework for the analysis of socio-epistemic practices in socio-technical epistemic systems that emphasizes a current blind spot in social epistemology: the role of technology.


Simon, J. (2010). Knowing Together: A Social Epistemology for Socio-Technical Epistemic Systems, Doctoral Thesis, Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria.

Journal Articles

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Contributions in Peer-Reviewed Proceedings
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Book Chapters
Osman, N.,Sierra, C., Sabater-Mir, J., Wakeling, J. R., Simon, J., Origgi, G., & Casati, R. (2010): LiquidPublications and its Technical and Legal Challenges. In Bourcier, D. , Casanovas, P., Dulong de Rosnay, M., Maracke, C.: Intelligent Multimedia: Managing Creative Works in a Digital World, Florence: European Publishing Academic Press.

Book Reviews
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