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I arrived at the Institut in 2009 to work as a postdoctoral research fellow on the Knowledge, Metacognition and Modes of Justification (KNOWJUST) project. Previously, I was a PhD student and then a non-stipendiary lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

I am interested in a range of topics in epistemology and philosophy of mind, including epistemic normativity, mental agency and doxastic non-voluntarism.


Exercising Doxastic Freedom. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming).
Epistemic Deontology and Voluntariness. Erkenntnis (forthcoming).
What Do We Aim at When We Believe? Dialectica (forthcoming).
Belief and Aims. Philosophical Studies (forthcoming).
Reasons and Self-Knowledge. In A. Colive (ed.), The Self and Self-Knowledge. OUP (forthcoming).
What Assertion Doesn't Show. European Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).
Judging as a Non-Voluntary Action. Philosophical Studies 152, 245-69 (2011).
Self-Knowledge and the KK Principle. Synthese 173, 231-57 (2010).

Book Review
Lucy O'Brien, Self-Knowing Agents. European Journal of Philosophy 18, 153-8 (2010).

Edited Book
(with Ezio Di Nucci). Content, Consciousness and Perception: Essays in Contemporary Philosophy of Mind. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006 (paperback edition 2008).

Book Chapter
(with Ezio Di Nucci) Introduction: the State of Mind. In Di Nucci and McHugh (2006).