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Phil Prof UNLP, Mag Cog Sc EHESS, MA Phil & Soc Sc EHESS.

After starting to study Philosophy, Economic Science and French Translation at the Universidad Nacional de la Plata (UNLP), I decided to focus exclusively in Philosophy and obtained the Philosophy Teaching Profession diploma, which allowed me to gain specific knowledge about the history of Philosophy, its research problems as well as pedagogical tools to teach Philosophy. I won a scholarship to do a Master Degree in Paris and chose the area of Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science because of its strong interdisciplinary approach. I obtained a Magister of Cognitive Science and Master in Philosophy and Social Science mention Cognitive Science at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). Since I was introduced to this field, the topic of memory awoke my interest, especially for being an essential capacity to understand the human mind but currently very neglected as a subject of philosophical deliberation. In the Master thesis I wrote under the supervision of Jérôme Dokic (Institut Jean Nicod) I showed that the causal theory of memory, the most accepted theory of memory developed so far, which supposes the existence of a causal relationship between a past representation and the memory representation through a memory trace and a similarity of representational content, presents some difficulties and inconsistencies regarding the outcomes of memory research in cognitive science. For the PhD thesis I am writing under the co-supervision of John Sutton and Jérôme Dokic, I intend to develop new conceptual tools in order to better account for the memory phenomena, taking in consideration the essentially dynamic nature of memory and the intertwined relationship between different memory systems: semantic, episodic and body memory, between memory and perception, memory and emotion as well as memory and metacognition.

Theories of memory implications for metacognition.
Scholarship : iMQRES
Workload : full time
Supervisors : Professor John Sutton and Professor Jerome Dokic (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)