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PhD student (2011-2014)
with Pierre Jacob (Institut Nicod) & Thérèse Collins (Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception) 

Scientific interests :

Perception/Action, Affordances, Stimulus-Response Compatibility, Tool Use, Double visual System, Embodied Cognition.

Current Projects :

- Examining interferences between "structural" (volumetric) and "functional" hand gestures within man-made objects.

- disentangling the theoretical debate between proponents of the "coding" vs. the "affordance" view of SRC (Stimulus- Response Compatibilty) experiments.

Education :

M.Sc in Cognitive Sciences (CogMaster), EHESS/ENS/Paris-V Descartes.(Paris, 2011)
Visiting Student (Philosophy Department), Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, 2011)
BA in Philosophy, Paris IV - Sorbonne. (Paris, 2009)