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During my PhD training in cognitive science (defended on the 02/24/2014, supv., Elisabeth Pacherie), I conducted experimental and theoretical studies on perception, metacognition, some altered states of consciousness and, finally, on schizophrenia (Dokic & Martin 2012 ; Dokic & Martin, in press; Martin, 2013 ; Martin, Dezecache, Dokic & Grèzes, in revision; Martin, Dezecache, Pressnitzer, Nuss, Dokic, Bruno, Pacherie & Franck, submitted ; Martin & Dokic, 2013 ; Martin, Kösem & van Wassenhove, submitted; Martin & Le Corre, in press; Martin & Pacherie, 2013).  

Experimentally, my collaborators and I have used a perceptual phenomenon referred to as hysteresis to study the way in which the auditory system prioritizes some vocal emotions in comparison to emotionally neutral sounds. We have also used perceptual hysteresis for testing our hypothesis that people with schizophrenia would have aberrant sensory persistence biases (ASPB). Finally, hysteresis gave us the opportunity to study time perception within a dynamic context.   

Theoretically, I investigated with my collaborators the way in which metacognition could shed a new light on some debates present in cognitive science and philosophy of mind: hallucinations, perception of absences, cognitive penetrability and sensory substitution. I also proposed psychological models of two schizophrenia symptoms: thought insertion and experiences of activity.  

My current research essentially focuses on hypnosis that I am investigating by means of cognitive psychology and psychophysics. The main problematic is the following: if hypnosis can be considered as an altered state of consciousness, the level of consciousness that is actually altered has however to be determined. In particular, I am investigating whether hypnosis alters first-order levels of consciousness (as perceptual states) or higher-order levels of consciousness (as metacognitive states). I will also investigate the relation between time perception and hypnosis. Finally, I will use hypnosis to test some of the psychological models I have developed to account for specific symptoms of schizophrenia.

Published/forthcoming papers