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The horizon : philosophical and cognitive aspects


Responsable - Roberto Casati

Public - M1/M2

Dates - 2022/2023


Each point of view corresponds to a horizon, and each horizon makes reference to a viewpoint. But much as the characterization of notion of a viewpoint is relatively consensual, the horizon is still in need of a conceptual clarification. Horizons invite exploration beyond them and define areas for human dwelling. Actual horizons (the skyline of a city) are contrasted with idealized, geometrical horizons. The horizon enters in measurements in navigation, establishing a specific epistemology.

The internship will explore existing notions of horizon (visual, but also metaphorical), drawing from vision science, ecological optics, art history, navigation, and will propose a conceptualization of the horizon. Potential spinoff : an educational module, using the horizon as interdisciplinary subject. (CogMaster ; MasterPhilo).

Working language will be French or English