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Mind and Language (M&L)


This research group is a sequel to the CPR team which existed at Institut Jean Nicod between 2009 and 2015 and hosted François Recanati’s ERC project ‘Content, Context and Compositionality’ (2009-2013). It is now associated with Recanati’s chair at College de France. The group deals with several topics at the intersection of the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language, in particular : mental files and the theory of reference ; the semantics/pragmatics distinction ; act-theoretic approaches to propositional content ; first-person thought ; concepts, rationality and commmunication ; norms, facts and values.


Members (2019-2020)

Principal Investigator
François Recanati (College de France)

Associated PIs
Michael Murez (University of Nantes)
Isidora Stojanovic (CNRS)

Postdocs and research assistants
Gregory Bochner (Marie Curie Fellow, ENS)
Matheus Valente (CNRS)
Xinxin Ma (China Scholarship Council/ENS)

PhD students
Romain Bourdoncle, ENS (supervisor : Recanati)
Maryam Ebrahimi Dinani, ENS (supervisor : Recanati)
Andreas Heise, EHESS (supervisor : Recanati)
Armando Lavalle, EHESS (supervisor : Recanati)
Guido Löhr, ENS/Bochum (supervisors : Werning [Bochum] and Recanati)
Shimon Mercer-Wood, ENS (supervisor : Recanati)
Louis Rouillé, ENS (supervisors : Egré and Recanati)

Visiting PhD students
Elmarie Venter (RU-Bochum)
Gong Chen (Manchester)